Miyaneh Branch
Tiva Sanat Group is known for building the finest composite watercraft in Iran. This recognition was earned through relentless research and development of high-performance watercraft and by continuously seeking innovative and low-cost design and manufacturing strategies. Tiva’s Mianeh Plant is where it all happens. It is the main location where our production of watercraft and composites takes place. Due to weather conditions in Mianeh, it is an ideal site for making composite products. Furthermore, being situated near Iran’s western border it eases our access to Europe through Turkey. The factory is built on a land with an area of 40000 square meters and has around 18000 square meters of structures. It has two production buildings with 7200 square meters including metal production salon, complimentary composite components production salon, Watercraft production salon, carpentry salon, forging salon, painting salon, modeling salon, casting salon and furnace. Tiva’s Research complex has a 2000 square meter layout which consists of chemical, mechanical design and reverse engineering Labs. Here, we strive to find applicable solutions to increase the quality of our products by utilizing the latest advances in technology.
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