At Tiva’s commercial division we strive to fulfill the commercial needs of our customers; using our expertise in procurement, transfer and delivery of products. In line with our strategy we try to offer the best solutions tailored for our client’s needs; and provide them with expertise regarding sourcing and procurment.


Tiva’s commercial activities are divided in to three broad spectrums:


Importing: We import equipment needed in by the marine industry


Exporting: Our export business consists of sales, export and delivery of equipment manufactured by Tiva to our customers around the world.


Consulting: We use our expertise to provide business solutions to our clients regarding the trading their goods, aiding them in freight, duties, legal obligations etc.


The Tiva Sanat Group’s commercial division exists to help meet the commercial needs of a rapidly changing market. We forge connections; we help make things happen and markets work.

There, any apparent similarities with other marine industry traders end. We do things differently, and the difference lies less in what we do than how we do it.


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