Our Company

Tiva Sanat Group is a commercial and manufacturing company with more than 20 partners in over 7 countries. We proudly support our customers with their most challenging needs.  From different type of high-speed boats to car bodyworks to watercraft training to commercial solutions, Tiva Sanat provides a diverse array of programs and capabilities tailored to each customer’s specific requirements.


Why Tiva? Our scientists, engineers, and commerce professionals with a passion for innovation can help you solve your most difficult challenges. As a company, we value ethics, integrity, teamwork, and pursue superior performance in every activity. We are an organization that demands the highest standards in personal and professional conduct from every employee, and our customers deserve nothing less.


Tiva is a very different kind of business. It is a privately owned company and one in which the focus is always, without exception, on our customer.

Every facet of the business and its well-being is of fundamental importance to us all. We attract talented people who respond to the exciting opportunities that an independent company gives them. We’re resourceful and adept at understanding and managing risk. We trust our people, and give them considerable responsibility. We make decisions quickly, with short chains of command. This solid platform allows us to build long-standing partnerships with our customers, who look to – and rely upon – Tiva for nimble thinking, creative solutions – and an unwavering commitment to reliability.




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